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Why choose an ACAT registered practitioner?

The aims of ACAT are to lead and support the provision of a professional and caring service in the complementary animal health sector. In order to foster best practice and high quality care to all animals receiving treatment:

1. Animals must not be treated without prior veterinary approval/referral, and a diagnosis must not be offered unless the member is qualified to do so.
2. A current Public Liability and Malpractice Insurance must be held.
3. In order to update best practice, annual Continuous Professional Development must be completed and recorded.
4. Members will have completed a qualification that has been approved by ACAT.
5. Every patient must be treated professionally and with care and consideration.
6. Members are required to work with other professionals in ways that are best suited for the benefit of the patient.
7. A full consultation must be carried out and accurate records maintained.
8. The chosen course of treatment and expected outcomes must be explained in a clear and precise manner.
9. Client confidentiality must be respected and members must abide by the Data Protection Act.
10. All of our members are bound by our strict Code of Conduct.


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Aims of the Association

To lead and support all members in
developing and providing high quality innovative animal massage care
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Why massage your animal?

The benefits of regular massage in humans are
well known and appreciated and it is only
natural that we wish to ensure our animal
companions receive the best possible
care too ...
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