Online Application for ACAT Student Membership

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In order for the ACAT to be able to ensure that inclusion on the Practitioners Register is restricted to genuine students, it has been necessary to introduce verification of applications.

Staffy Therefore, it is not possible to accept immediate online applications from prospective members seeking Student status.
The ACAT admin team is sure that genuine applicants will appreciate the need for and advisability of this precaution and will accept the inevitable delay between application and inclusion on the register.

Speed of processing.
Every effort will be made to process applications and return the decision as swiftly as possible.
Inevitably the online system will be faster than the postal version and, for those applicants who choose to register online but pay by cheque, their registration will not be fully activated until the cheque has cleared.

There will be two methods of qualification verification:
1. The application can be made online with card payment by PayPal or by BACS payment or by cheque.

a) The applicant completes an online application giving full details of their courses and experience.
b) A decision is made by the ACAT and notified to the applicant by an email which will include a unique authentification number.
c) The applicant completes their registration online using their authentification number and EITHER makes a subscription payment using PayPal's secure server OR completes a BACS payment OR returns a subscription cheque.

To continue with the online facility for student applications click here.

1. The whole process can be conducted by post.

a) Applicants are requested to download the application form, complete it and post it to the ACAT.
b) A decision, based on the applicant's course will be made and notified to the applicant by post, phone or email.
c) The applicant returns a subscription cheque, on receipt of which their details as a Student will be entered into the database.

The pdf application form can be downloaded by clicking here.
(This will require Adobe Acrobat™ or Adobe Reader™ to be installed on your computer.
If you do not have this application you can download it free here.)

Please ensure that you have read the ACAT Code of Ethics (opens in a new window), the ACAT Code of Practice (opens in a new window) and the ACAT Constitution (opens in a new window) and then tick the box below to affirm that you have read, and will abide by them and agree to the conditions below.

Checking this box and clicking "Submit" affirms:
  • that I have read, and will abide by, the ACAT Code of Ethics, the ACAT Code of Practice and the ACAT Constitution
  • that I will not collect or store personal data from the ACAT site of any user/s without their prior consent
  • that I will provide my certificate/s of qualification and certificate of insurance on request